Friday, 26 July 2013

End of 2007 - sketches

So with uni well and truly over what did I do next?
Well not a great deal actually and in lieu of that this blog post will be short and sweet.

There appears to be a bit of a lull in my timeline of ‘arting,’ a lacklustre dip if you will in my production of anything colourful or indeed charcoal related. No instead, I focused on writing and thought I’d try my hand at character design.

Where better to start then than with a self-portrait? 

So above was 'me by me,' in my favourite going-out dancing outfit of 2007.

Another thing I decided to do was to enter a T-Shirt designing competition. This image is meant to be a guy ‘faceplanting’ after coming off his skateboard …. which is no-where in sight. 

This probably best illustrates roughly how much I knew about Photoshop and T-Shirt design, i.e. practically nothing!

Lastly here are two sketches I made to design a Halloween outfit that year:

Which did I choose? Well the below photo says is best!

 Yep - that is indeed my husband-to-be dressed up as a rather convincing zombie, what can I say, we really like Halloween!! :D

I guess I should conclude with the fact that whilst I didn’t make an awful lot of art towards the end of 2007 that it was the point in time where my germ of an idea for a novel first began to grow. I had a few things scribbled down from when I was at uni, a character design or six in the works and a rough idea of what I wanted to pen.

Beginnings however I shall save for the next blog post.

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