Friday, 26 February 2016

2012 Illustrations

Since most of my illustrative time in 2012 was dedicated to creating fictional character portraits I only have a handful of other illustrations from this year. Or four to be precise so this will be a rather short entry. Oh also did I just say that these were not story related illustrations? 
I lied again, two of them are :P

Ok so this one above is not story related but just a random drawing of an iguana I tried to fancy up a bit. He was a fun splatter type of illustration where I added the subject after the background. Upon seeing this my aunt told me that the iguana should be named Jasper. So Jasper he is.


Original characters Lire and Keir. Yep this one is story related.
I wanted to draw something a little dark and who better to draw than the aptly named Keir for ‘a little dark one?’ I have quite an affection for drawing Keir even though he is the youngest of all my characters and cannot speak. Maybe his lack of words lends to better visuals.

This one above is also story related but I wanted to switch away from my ‘Sharlene looks gloomy,’ Christmas posts and find out if I could fit many characters on one sheet at a time. I decided to use hero type characters and forced them into angel/elf fancy dress. 

Obviously I had to make our sour main protagonist in the middle and make him disdained by the whole event. Plus, it was fun to put a xmas hat on top of Hvidsten ushanka … yes he is still wearing it even underneath the silly Santa hat. Hehe.

Oh yes and there was that not-so-small matter of getting married in 2012! :D

Well of course I had to illustrate us in our wedding gear with the beautiful backdrop of Kasugai gardens in Kelowna where we held our ceremony (and I possibly kissed the groom a bit too passionately in front of friends and family LOL) *Ahem* Still this was the most beautiful setting for a ceremony with running water and all the acer trees display wonderful autumnal colours.

It was cold I will admit – I was also almost late and yes I nearly tripped over the huge biker boots I chose to wear under my glorious blue gown…well that bridge had moss on it and was slippery! All in all, one of my favourite memories so how could I not create a bit of art to commemorate the day? A very pleasant experience and good place to end this blog post too :)

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