Saturday, 5 March 2016

2012 Paintings

Well I pulled my thumb out and got to painting again this year so I have quite a few to showcase! Seven paintings if I am to be accurate but considering how many other pieces of art I made in 2012, seven is a fairly impressive amount to add onto my workload. I guess I can say with certainty that I found my passion again during this year.

Starting then with….

Cat’s Eyes  - 8 x 10” Oil on stretched canvas

Not the first cat eyes or black surface I have worked on but the first fully black canvas I tested out. I called it complete but am still not overly happy with the final piece. I may see if I can rework this at some point or create a newer version with more detail.

The Watcher – 8 x 8” Oil on cradle board

I always enjoy painting on wood more than I do on canvas and I feel like this piece was quite successful. I was happy with the colour balance and amount of intensity I managed to capture in a singular eye.

Snow Leopard - 8 x 10” Oil on canvas board

I always seem to struggle the most with canvas boards, they are a little too slippery for my liking. The challenge here was to create something mostly made of white since I find white/grey tricky. I wasn’t displeased with the outcome though I decided that next time I set myself the challenge of painting in whites I should use a surface I am more comfortable with!

Morning Harvest - 8 x 10” Oil on canvas board

I think I got a touch obsessed with spider webs this year since I made three paintings including their delicate formations. It’s a shame my copies of the images don’t show the iridescent golds I put on the webbing. Interestingly all three spider web paintings sold. It may have taken a few years but they all found new homes – hooray! :D

For the above Morning Harvest I was aiming to create the tingling sensation of a frosty morning. I chose a limited palette of softer browns to evoke a misty dawn look that I thought would highlight the silhouetted corn and golden threads of broken web.

Autumn Glow - 6 x 6” Oil on cradle board

For this one I wanted to try warmer colours and to capture that hazy glowing feel that autumn sunsets create.

Iron Web - 3 x 4” Oil on cradle board

Back to colder tones for this little piece; I was hoping to evoke a frosty morning again and juxtapose the soft webbing against the hard metal spiral.

Supper - 6 x8” Oil on cradle board

I really love this one because the subject challenged me and also allowed me to use some iridescent colours I wanted to test. I love the way that wooden cradle boards absorb my thin layers of paint and allow me the option to keep some of the wood grain patterning on show. Of course I also like working in dark colours and on creepy subjects as much as the cute ones so this was a win for me ^_^

Well that’s all for this blog post, hope you enjoyed it as always and catch you next time :)

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