Sunday, 8 September 2013

2007/2008 – For the Love of Doodling

An image heavy post this time around perhaps in preparation for the word heavy post I’m planning to drop on your laps very soon. For now however, I present the unused character sketches that fell out of my pencil during 2007/2008 and a few beyond. 

During this time, I was frantically creating characters for my novel but every now and then, something unplanned would appear. Some of the unplanned things evolved into new characters whilst others did not. Elements of them were certainly used later on in other designs.

Most of these previously unseen one-off sketches plopped onto my paper without a great deal of thought or reasoning beyond, ‘I want to draw.’

Enjoy :)

Random People

I'll say most of these have amazing file names, which I'll use to title them.
Yes that is sarcasm.


 'Random Dude'

 'Cat Anthro’s' 

A little info on this piece: the cat labelled Sar’Son on the left is based around a pet of mine and is a small bit-character that will be used in my novel. The kitty centre stage is a possible design for another character named Su’Ki, also a pet of mine however my pet Su’Ki was male, or so we found out after having him for several years ….could she/he be a transvestite cat then? :P On the right is an unnamed individual, not sure what good ‘stoner cat’ will be I just know that there is a gang of said cat anthro’s that own a bar.

 'Drummer Guy'

'Dragon Head Guy'


 'Goth Fairy'

'Lotus Heads' 

These guys were based around the lotus flower, no, I can’t recall why.

 Not  a clue, this was just titled 'random.'

'That guy outside' 

I hadn’t watched the anime Bleach at this point and this was obviously some person I saw walking about and decided to sketch however my rendition looks eerily like the Bleach character Uryu Ishida. For those of you who don’t know what the character of Uryu looks like, here’s an image from the anime to compare:

Hmm Uryu looks concerned about the lady below, as he probably should be....

'Asua Riyt'

The only fleshed out character concept I decided not to use, I may see if I can squeeze her in yet but thus far there isn’t a place for this zebra lady. We named her Asua Riyt, turns out she was very wrong and got replaced, oh irony you know when to whistle your tune so well.


Lots of weird elf designs:


 'It wasn't me I swear!'

Random Chest pattern thing

'Elf Ladies 1'

'Elf Ladies 2'


I called these ‘dragoons’ because I was being lazy, I will use this design but improve upon it and possibly give the species a better name.

 'Fat cat'
I think that's a dragon licking the cheese - who knows?

'Skull Creatures'

 Yep, no idea, I think I just wanted to draw skulls or something. That said I liked the little guy in the left hand corner enough to have a go at drawing him twice.

'Skull Creatures 2'

The argur are a species of dragon already featured in my novel however this was an early concept and they don’t exactly look like this, I shall have to draw them again!



Well that's it for now.
Although today I had to gallery sit, any guesses what I did in those two hours? 
Yep, left with pen and paper to count visitors to the Artwalk exhibition I ended up doodling this little fellow:

So for the love of doodling - may many more things fall out of our pencils, amen!

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