Saturday, 2 March 2013

2002 - my room

So what was I doing in March 2002? Well completing this as it happens...

 Yep this was the spare room in our shared house at the time so I er, painted it!
I haven't worked on this scale since then and I remember the surface of the wallpaper (a hideous green chipboard) being awful to work with, bear in mind I was using cheap poster paints and the chipboard was so greasy I had to paint several layers which would then crack and flake off - yargh, nightmare!! >.<

 That little butterfly was my attempt at some relief work. I simply painted up a cut bit of a cereal box and I can't recall where I found the silver chain....anyhoo it worked a treat as guests (after the intial freaking out at the size of the painting/the fact that this ghostly figure was directly in the open doorway) would, from a distance, mistake it for a real flutterby ^^ awesome!

 Tilted photo so you can see the smoke rushing up onto the ceiling.

Daww I look so young!!
Still I wasn't any less vertically challenged then than I am now so we can safetly conclude that the ghostly figure is 5ft 2in tall.

 Yes I only got rid of that jacket and those jeans when I moved to Canada last April *ahem* lol

 Yep that's the right hand wall so you can see how the ghostly figure would be spooky in the middle of the night when the door was left open hehe.

 Also yes, that green hand is the original colour of the wallpaper, gross.
Included this one so you can better see the wee arch windows at the top and mannequins on the stairs.

 And lastly how the two pieces fitted together, or not as the case may be.
I was once asked, 'but what does it all mean?' In all honesty I didn't know then and am no wiser now, it was just something I wanted to paint in that room, like er, what I saw when I went in there and imagined what should be on the walls. 

Make of it what you will :)

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