Sunday, 10 March 2013

Regarding the Title

Ok so as some of you may be aware I have been super busy setting up the Spire Art website and finally getting a couple of ACEO’s up for sale on eBay – hurrah! However in between of all that I have scarce had time to turnaround, let alone find and fix the relevant images for the next post here at The Glass Spire, argh!

Still, so as not to disappoint I thought I’d elucidate the meaning of this site’s title.

So why is it called The Glass Spire? I hear you cry alongside the many other imaginary voices in my head. Well ok, whilst the title IS related to my writing it also has a couple of other nice meanings for me too. 

Firstly the novel part: we have a large city of trade called Draygun at the centre of which is…you guessed it, a great glass spire! There isn’t one specific line that details the spire so here’s a few chopped up excerpts of how it’s described in tale, ‘Draygun’s great glass spire/ representing a church of sorts, the building shears into the sky like a shimmering corkscrew/masterfully layered with a mosaic of green glass tiles, dotted with tiny broken windows/it coils heavenward, and glints brilliantly in the bright morning sun.’

Secondly I associate the both glass and the word spire with art: glass makes me imagine things that catch the eye and are beautiful yet fragile, things that should be handled with great care and respect, whilst a spire literally shoots up towards the heavens, it is a goal, an apex, and an integral part of creative words such as aspire and inspire. It also phonetically contains the word ‘pyre’ which is great as it makes me think of intense fire, the passion of creativity and when I have off days, dumping gasoline on the whole lot, lighting a match and watching it burn!

 Quite cathartic as I’m sure fellow artists will agree. ^^

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