Saturday, 16 April 2016

2013 Digital Paintings

I created three digital paintings this year. On top of everything else I made in 2013 that was quite an accomplishment especially since I had struggled with digital paint for quite some time. The first two I made took over 40hrs each even though the rough sketches I worked from were relatively small Letter sized images.

Childcare 101

This one above was a great learning curve from me. As recommended by a friend of mine who is more seasoned in painting with a Wacom tablet I began with a black and white image to get a better understanding of shading and tone in this medium. I chose to do fictional character work and stuck to the round brush in various sizes for blending. Working in black and white helped me understand how to blend in a digital medium better than I ever had before.

Once I got this principle blending and shading down I decided to try a piece with a few colours.

I Couldn't Care Less

 This one above involved cool tones for the characters I think the odd skin tones worked out well. I didn’t know much about painting hair digitally and chose to try and it strand by strand on the male character– oh wow I won’t be doing that again!! I used a different brush to make the female character’s hair softer. There were a few technical issues with the drawing I learnt from this: heads too large and mouths not shaped as well as they could have been but I think I got the light balance well here. All in all it wasn’t bad but I can see where improvements in technique need to made.

My last piece (below) was a silly ‘just for fun’ quickie. A quickie for me is several hours and not a several minutes ‘paint-it-out’ like other artists. Rest assured I spent a long time on this ‘faster’ image. I wanted to make a Halloween piece using digital paint and this is what I came up with. It’s meant to be creepy and a little rough in design. Yes, it still took me a lot longer than those speed painters you see online. Still I am glad I tried and hope I can try again in future to utilise this medium.

Happy Halloween from Nai

Well here’s to more joyful mishaps and experiences! Until next time.

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