Monday, 4 April 2016

2013 Illustrations (Part 2 of 2)

Well hello again!
As promised the other half of the illustrations I made in 2013

So this allotment is all the fantasy work I did this year. Plus a few interpretations of my husband and myself because it's always good to keep up on conceitedness :P

These images flow in a random order and don't fret we're not THAT conceited (I hope)

Starting off then with the four Wyvern - these are some of my first ACEO art cards but I'll save talking about that for another post. Size aside I named each of these as Renma (red, top left) Roen (green, top right) Ruso (blue, bottom left) Raska (yellow, bottom right)
It seems I  care about my fictional pets :P

This was my attempt at drawing bioluminescence. Some odd colour and medium choices made to finalize this one. I don't think I capatured my aim but there is some good chiaroscuro (light v dark) happening despite my mistakes.

This was a fun drawing I made for charity. My fixative screwed me over because it came out all brown >.< Once that happened I cried (a lot) then I realised that it actually gave the piece a really nice old timey feel. So yes I pretended that the old time 'brown' was intentional - it wasn't lol.

This is just one of many random character sketches I made. I like this one because of the cropping I chose. This isn't cropped after drawing - I wanted most of the faces to be clopped in half. This idea  was interesting because the action is mostly in the arms and hands and you can't see the people very well. A few mouths, eyes and clutched hands made this a good sketch. Shame I never did anything with it after this. 

So this one (above) I clearly took to the finale. The lady with pink hair is named Caryf and the boy on the ground with bird wings is named Dhei. (In an ultimate cheesy way their names translate from my fictional language to night and day) The big red damsel is younger and named Nai (yes Naiad like the nymphs) Artistically this picture was made for me to test character heights. Of course I had a lot of fun posing these three and designing their clothes but it's difficult to write about characters that are very different to one another - making a picture...nope - making a picture didn't help!
Two little sadistic fae in charge of a big bug is exactly how it sounds.

The biggest and best thing I did this year was my book!
I self published this short and dark poem.
It took me a long time to illustrate - the text was added later using InDesign.

So this is a cutie illustration I made for valentines.

This one above was to see how many elves I could get on one Letter sheet. I think I got plenty with many personalities showing.

Ok *Ahem* the above is my character Kale who I like to draw a lot. He is naked in this version because I got annoyed at how many naked women were being presented for the same challenge. I hid the naughty parts to PG 13 the image and I also had to consult on 'how should I draw water?'
I have to giggle that my main concern ended up being the water and not the nude.

Girl in grey was another created from a Coloured Pencil Magazine challenge. I liked the limited tone.

This was just for fun. Jethro features as a character in my writing. The shorter guy Hvidsten is very grumpy. In this scene they are a bit lost in the middle of nowhere - I love how happy Jet is and how annoyed Hvidsten is.

Ending this on a sweet note - another piece of valentine art I made.
The short and tall of us x

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